Accepted Job Offer
Joined Red Hat

Joining Red Hat

Growing up in Toronto, my family used to visit our friends the Ushers each year for Passover seder. As kids, my sister and I would thrill to find the Afikoman - a hidden piece of matzah children usually compete to find, often cashing it in for sweet prizes from the adults. By my teen years, I was already too old to expect candy and toys, but what can we do - the afikoman search had to go on. So one year, Mr. Usher asked a victorious young me which charity he should donate the 'afikoman gelt' to. I had spent that year soaking up the GNU manifesto, delighting in Knoppix ISOs, and cheering the rise of the open web, so it didn't take me long to answer: I asked him to donate to the Free Software Foundation.

Fast forward to today...

It's a delight to announce that I'm joining Red Hat as a Principal Front-End Developer, working on web components, starting after the Sukkot holiday. I was too excited to wait for the fedora to ship, so I went downtown and got myself a red kippah :D

The idea of writing open-source software for a living, & web components at that, is just flabbergasting. It's an incredible privilege & a wonderful opportunity. I owe many thanks to too many people to list here, although I've been in touch with you privately already - Thank you!