Grasped basics of HTML & CSS
Used LAMP Stack
Installed Gentoo l
Designed Graphics
Practiced Photography
Designed website
When I was 12, my estranged uncle parachuted into my life, handed me a cheque for $2000, then disappeared as quickly as he had come, never to be heard from again.

A week later, my mom took me down to a computer store on Yonge St. and we bought the first computer that really belonged just to me. It had an 800Mhz Pentium III, a Voodoo 5 5500 Graphics accelerator, a chonky old CRT monitor with digital face buttons to run the degauss cycle, and a CD burner.

We packed it into the trunk along with boxed copies of Quake II, Quake III Arena and Unreal Tournament. I don't think my butt hit the car seat once on the drive back.

A few years later, I bootstrapped it with Gentoo Linux, set it up in the attic, and sudo emerge apache. Heady times.

This was just around the time that CSS3 and Google Chrome came out. My head was swimming with highfalootin notions of Software Freedom, semantic HTML, the Open Web, and separation of concerns. 

So what does a stoned, science-curious, HTML hacking bash jockey do? Convince tech support to give him a static IP and spin up a LAMP stack, duh.

Does this count as cringe porn yet?