Graduated High School
Overcame ADHD
Learned to Drum
Studied Drama
Studied Music
Studied Visual Art
Achieved a personal goal
Built a Website

Graduated High School

It wasn't obvious that I would finish high school, let alone attend university. I was smart enough, but ADHD is a hell of a drug. It took me longer than your average bear to get focused in life. All told, I attended four different high schools:
  1. Claude Watson School for the Arts, Earl Haig - expelled
  2. The City School (alternative) - expelled
  3. Contact High (alternative) - graduated
  4. The Student School - graduated (again)
I took two victory laps, but eventually graduated with honours. As a parting gift for the last of the bunch, I built them a homepage.

The performing arts education I received at CWSA (through the elementary years as well as in high school) was formative, and informs my work, outlook, and life to this day. I'm deeply indebted to the teachers who struggled to educate an unruly student.