Used GraphQL
Used AWS
Wrote HTML
Wrote JavaScript
Wrote CSS
Used Functional Programming
Contributed to Open Source Project
Wrote Progressive Web Apps
Practised CI/CD
Used Rollup
Used GitLab
Left a role

Finished working at

When I came onboard, the company was called "Elastic Media" and had a completely different focus and target market, but within a month of joining, I was leading the front-end on an internal RnD project which eventually became the company's main focus.

After the pivot I took on the Tech Lead role, handling the full stack workflow, and working alongside the devops and ml teams.

That's when we turned our Polymer-based prototype UIs into a proper production app. We developed a GraphQL app with lit-element and all kinds of goodies like infinite scrolling, streaming video, social networking, web animations, Web Share API, workbox, and more amazing buzzwords. It was a cool project and I learned a tonne.

lit-apollo (later Apollo Elements) grew out of that project into a life of it's own.